Introducing Pixee as Our Sponsor: Automated Security and Code Quality with Pixeebot

5/25/2024 by Matthias Endler

As developers, maintaining secure, high-quality code is challenging. Security vulnerabilities, performance issues, and code quality concerns can accumulate. Enter Pixeebot, a tool by Pixee that automates security and code improvements, letting developers focus on essential tasks.


Meet Your Automated Security Engineer

Pixeebot acts as your automated product security engineer, fixing vulnerabilities, hardening code, and squashing bugs. It integrates seamlessly with Java, Python, and soon JavaScript and Node.js, continuously shipping high-quality code.

Seamless Workflow Integration

Pixeebot integrates into your workflow, monitoring repositories and pull requests, providing high-quality fixes instantly without disrupting productivity. Use it fully with the GitHub app or locally via the CLI.

Pixeebot also enhances performance and code quality. With the open-source Codemodder framework, you can build custom codemods and deploy them through Pixeebot.

AI-Powered Code Fixes

Pixee utilizes Large Language Models (LLMs) for context-aware code fixes and to add code-specific comments, helping developers understand why a change is recommended. This feature can be easily disabled if preferred, ensuring flexibility and user control.

Data Privacy and Security

Pixee prioritizes data privacy and security. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and it is never used to train AI models. Pixeebot works directly with your repositories through pull requests, with cryptographically signed commits for verification. For more details, visit Pixee's Security and Trust Center.

Open Source Commitment

Pixee believes in open source, leveraging community tools and contributing unique solutions. The Pixee CLI brings the power of Pixee's Codemodder framework to your local development environment, allowing developers to try out Pixee before installing the GitHub app.

We'd like to thank Pixee for sponsoring Analysis Tools, helping us maintain and improve our platform. We look forward to seeing how Pixeebot can help developers create secure, high-quality code.

Try Pixee for Free

Pixeebot is free, providing constant fixes to make your code more secure. It's like having a security-expert developer on your side. Start with Pixeebot today and experience the future of automated code remediation.

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