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We list the best static analysis tools and linters that can help you improve code quality. All tools are peer-reviewed by fellow engineers. Avoid bugs in production, outages, and angry customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Static Code Analysis Useful?

Static code analysis is a process where the code of a software program is analyzed without running it. By using static analyzers organizations will have assurance that their product works as expected, have less bugs that need to be fixed after release ( which could cause embarrassment ) and ultimately make more money due to satisfied customers.

What Are The Limits Of Static Code Analysis?

One limitation of static code analysis is that it cannot identify all errors in a program. In particular, it cannot detect runtime errors, which occur when the software is actually running. Furthermore it can only analyze the code as written; it cannot take into account changes that may be made later in development or in production.

What Are Some Alternatives To Static Analysis?

1) Fuzzing tools: These tools use random input data to test the robustness of software applications. They can help identify coding issues and security vulnerabilities.

2) Dynamic analysis tools: these check a program's behavior at runtime, thus finding concurrency issues, invalid subprocess calls, or incorrect handling of (user) input.

3) Automated testing tools: Automated testing tools help automate the testing process, making it faster and easier to run tests on software applications. This can help speed up the development process while still ensuring that applications are tested thoroughly before being released into production.

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