The Best Archive File Static Analysis Tools (Linters/Formatters)

We rank 3 Archive File linters, code analyzers, formatters, and more. Find and compare tools like alquitran, packj, pure, and more. Please rate and review tools that you've used. This helps others find the best tools for their projects.

3 Archive File Tools


Inspects tar archives and tries to spot portability issues in regard to POSIX 2017 pax specification and common tar implementations. This project is intended to be used by maintainers of projects who want to offer portable source code archives for as many systems as possible. Checking tar archives with alquitran before publishing them should help spotting issues before they reach distributors and users.

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Packj (pronounced package) is a command line (CLI) tool to vet open-source software packages for "risky" attributes that make them vulnerable to supply chain attacks. This is the tool behind our large-scale security analysis platform that continuously vets packages and provides free reports.

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Pure is a static analysis file format checker that checks ZIP files for dangerous compression ratios, spec deviations, malicious archive signatures, mismatching local and central directory headers, ambiguous UTF-8 filenames, directory and symlink traversals, invalid MS-DOS dates, overlapping headers, overflow, underflow, sparseness, accidental buffer bleeds etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Archive File tools?

An archive file is a single file that contains a collection of other files.

What are the best Archive File static analysis tools and linters?

The most popular Archive File tools ranked by user votes are: alquitran, packj, pure.

Which Archive File services are free for open source projects?

Commercial services with a free plan for open source include alquitran, packj, pure.

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