The Best Raku Static Analysis Tools (Linters/Formatters)

We rank 2 Raku linters, code analyzers, formatters, and more. Find and compare tools like Mega-Linter, callGraph, and more. Please rate and review tools that you've used. This helps others find the best tools for their projects.

2 Multi-Language Tools


Mega-Linter can handle any type of project thanks to its 70+ embedded Linters, its advanced reporting, runnable on any CI system or locally, with assisted installation and configuration, able to apply formatting and fixes

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  • MaintainedMulti-Language
  • Maintainedcli
  • Maintainedlinter
  • 68% upvoted


Statically generates a call graph image and displays it on screen.

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  • MaintainedMulti-Language
  • Maintainedcli
  • Maintainedlinter
  • 83% upvoted

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Raku tools?

Raku is a general-purpose, object-oriented, imperative, multi-paradigm, functional programming language. It is a descendant of Perl 5, and is named after the Japanese word for "language".

What are the best Raku static analysis tools and linters?

The most popular Raku tools ranked by user votes are: Mega-Linter, callGraph.

Which Raku services are free for open source projects?

Commercial services with a free plan for open source include Mega-Linter, callGraph.

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