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A wrapper around pyflakes, pycodestyle and mccabe.

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4 Alternatives to flake8


Linter, formatter and test suite helper. As a linter, it is a wrapper around pep8, pydocstyle, flake8, and pylint.

  • DeprecatedDeprecated
  • DeprecatedPython
  • Deprecatedcli
  • DeprecatedformatterDeprecatedmeta


flakeheaven is a python linter built around flake8 to enable inheritable and complex toml configuration.


A wrapper around flake8, isort and modernize.


A wrapper around pylint, pep8, mccabe and others.

1 Multi-Language Tools


Comment on commits coming into your repository and check for syntactic errors and general lint warnings.

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  • Maintainedcli
  • Maintainedmeta

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