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MythX is an easy to use analysis platform which integrates several analysis methods like fuzzing, symbolic execution and static analysis to find vulnerabilities with high precision. It can be integrated with toolchains like Remix or VSCode or called from the command-line.

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3 Alternatives for MythX


Linter for ABAP, written in TypeScript.

  • MaintainedMaintained
  • MaintainedAbap
  • MaintainedcliMaintainedserviceMaintainedide-plugin
  • Maintainedlinter


Perl-Analyzer is a set of programs and modules that allow users to analyze and visualize Perl codebases by providing information about namespaces and their relations, dependencies, inheritance, and methods implemented, inherited, and redefined in packages, as well as calls to methods from parent packages via SUPER.

  • MaintainedMaintained
  • MaintainedPerl
  • MaintainedcliMaintainedserviceMaintainedide-plugin
  • Maintainedlinter

Steampunk Spotter

Ansible Playbook Scanning Tool that analyzes and offers recommendations for your playbooks.

  • MaintainedMaintained
  • MaintainedMulti-Language
  • MaintainedcliMaintainedguiMaintainedserviceMaintainedide-plugin
  • MaintainedlinterMaintainedformatter

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