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5 Delphi Static Analysis Tools


Fix Insight

  • Type: cli

A free IDE Plugin for static code analysis. A _Pro_ edition includes a command line tool for automation purposes.


Pascal Analyzer

  • Type: cli

A static code analysis tool with numerous reports. A free _Lite_ version is available with limited reporting.


Pascal Expert

  • Type: cli

IDE plugin for code analysis. Includes a subset of Pascal Analyzer reporting capabilities and is available for Delphi versions 2007 and later.



  • Type: cli

Static code analysis for binary and source code - Java/Scala, PHP, Javascript, C#, PL/SQL, Python, T-SQL, C/C++, ObjectiveC/Swift, Visual Basic 6.0, Ruby, Delphi, ABAP, HTML5 and Solidity.



  • Type: cli

Code visualization tool that provides code analysis, standards testing, metrics, graphing, dependency analysis and more for Ada, VHDL, and others.

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