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A static code analysis tool with numerous reports. A free Lite version is available with limited reporting.

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3 Alternatives for Pascal Analyzer

Fix Insight

A free IDE Plugin for static code analysis. A Pro edition includes a command line tool for automation purposes.

Pascal Expert

IDE plugin for code analysis. Includes a subset of Pascal Analyzer reporting capabilities and is available for Delphi versions 2007 and later.


Delphi static analyzer for the SonarQube code quality platform.

2 Multi-Language Tools


Sigrid helps you to improve your software by measuring your system's code quality, and then compares the results against a benchmark of thousands of industry systems to give you concrete advice on areas where you can improve.

  • MaintainedMaintained
  • MaintainedMulti-Language
  • MaintainedcliMaintainedservice
  • Maintainedlinter


Code visualization tool that provides code analysis, standards testing, metrics, graphing, dependency analysis and more for Ada, VHDL, and others.

  • MaintainedMaintained
  • MaintainedMulti-Language
  • Maintainedcli
  • Maintainedlinter

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